About PlacentaDonor.org

PlacentaDonor.org is a Placenta Donor Program that allows women to share the natural regenerative potential of their postnatal tissues with others in need. It is a simple, easy and free way for you to make a difference. If you're interested in participating and potentially changing the lives of dozens of patients, please contact us, or speak with your physician today.

About Human Regenerative Technologies, LLC

At its state of the art facility, Human Regenerative Technologies (HRT) focuses on the handling, cleaning and processing required to take donated placental tissue and create various tissue forms used for many beneficial surgical applications. HRT's executive team has been involved in tissue processing and providing natural biologic products for over 20 years. These products have been used in tens of thousands of surgeries across many specialties.


Our Commitment to Safety

At HRT and PlacentaDonor.org, we are focused on providing only the safest tissues for surgeons and patients. All donated tissues come from U.S.-based donors, and are aseptically sourced and processed in state of the art facilities. Our procedures follow only the strictest FDA standards and guidelines.