Why Donate

What is the Placenta Donor Program 

When you deliver your baby, you may want to donate the placenta after your baby is born. We work with physicians to provide this opportunity to contribute to the creation of medical products for wound healing and surgical repair. Tissue from just one placenta can be used to assist with various patients who suffer from diabetic ulcers, or other wounds and injuries.

The Power of A Woman’s Placenta

The cells and tissues inside the placenta create and protect your new baby, but the power of those tissues doesn’t end after you deliver. Unfortunately, after birth these tissues are commonly discarded as 'medical waste'. With our Placenta Donor Program, you have the opportunity to make a real difference. By simply consenting to allow these tissues to be collected by Human Regenerative Technologies, LLC, you can extend the joy on this special day, and contribute to improving the lives of many others. 

What Happens When I Say 'Yes'

You will enjoy the simple, easy and free process of donating your placenta after delivery. Your physician will  provide you with a consent form, and ask you a few questions. Other than that, there is nothing required of you, and the process will not affect you, your delivery process, or your baby in any way.

What Happens to the Donated Tissue

Human Regenerative Technologies works in partnership with physicians and facilities to collect the placental tissues after the delivery is successfully completed. These tissues are then transported to our state-of-the-art facility where they are processed into various medical product forms for surgical use.

What if I Don't Say 'Yes'

If you choose not to participate, your placental tissues will generally be treated as medical waste and be disposed of after the delivery.