How are Placental Tissues Used to Create Surgical Products?

The tissue you donate is processed at our state of the art facility, into forms that surgeons can apply in their various procedures.

Who Can Benefit from My Donation?

Because amniotic tissue typically causes no adverse reaction after implantation, your donation can potentially benefit any patient who requires surgical treatment.

Can I Still Save or Donate My Cord Blood?

Yes. The placental tissue collection process does not impact your ability to save or donate your cord blood. For cord blood options, please consult your physician.

Are There Medical Conditions That Would Prevent Me from Donating?

For the safety of patients receiving implants developed from your donated tissues, we screen for communicable infections, illnesses or diseases. Donations that may compromise the safety of the patient are not processed.

Will I Need To Have An Additional Blood Test?

No. A little extra blood is simply taken during your admittance blood test. This means no extra needles, and no extra time is required. So you can focus on your delivery, and have no added stress or distraction on the day of your delivery.

What is My Blood Tested For?

Standard testing includes HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis and CMV.

Will I Receive the Results of My Blood Test?

As required by law, if there is any confirmed positive results, they will be reported. All blood tests are kept private on file by Human Regenerative Technologies, and are available to your physician upon request.

Will I Find Out Who the Recipients of my Donation Are?

Just as we strive to protect your privacy as a donor, we also adhere to strict patient confidentiality guidelines to protect the privacy of the future recipients of medical products created from your donation.

What if My Physician Doesn’t Already Participate in Your Donation Program?

Human Regenerative Technologies works with many participating physicians. After you discuss your planned donation with your physician, please ask them to contact us. We would be happy to speak with them about joining our Placenta Donor Program.

Is there any Ethical or Religious Issue With Human Tissue Donation?

Donating your placental tissues is a unique opportunity for a living tissue donation, as it simply turns what is commonly considered medical waste into a beneficial application. Most religions have no issue with tissue donation from live donors, but to be certain, we advise interested donors to consult their religious leaders.

How Can I Receive Further Information?

Please contact us for further information, or to discuss any questions or comments with a donor services representative. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is Human Regenerative Technologies (HRT)?

Human Regenerative Technologies (HRT) is a biologics company that specializes in the processing of donated placental tissues, create the various tissue forms used for many beneficial surgical applications.