How to Donate

Who Can Donate?

If you are an expectant mother, you may donate your placental tissue after your baby's delivery to contribute to the creation of medical products that can help others.

Is it Safe?

The donation process poses no risk to either you or your baby, and there is absolutely no cost to you, your family or your insurance for the donation. If you choose to participate, together we can improve the quality of life for many patients undergoing surgery or wound treatment.

How Can I Begin?

To begin, discuss your decision to donate with your physician. Their office will contact Human Regenerative Technologies, and we will arrange the rest. You will be asked to sign a consent form to allow the recovery of your donated placenta after your child is born, and to answer a few questions regarding your medical and social history.

Your information will be used only for medical purposes pertaining to the recovery and use of the placenta. All information you provide will be kept confidential according to patient confidentiality protocol.

If your physician is not already registered with Human Regenerative Technologies' Placenta Donor Program, please contact us after you discuss your desire to contribute. We will follow up with them to arrange the rest.

What Happens on the Day of My Delivery?

Upon admission for your delivery, a blood sample will be obtained during your standard admittance blood draw, and does not require an extra needle. This sample will be used to perform serological testing to ensure the absence of infectious diseases.

After your baby is born, the delivered placenta will simply be placed in a sterile bag provided by a recovery technician from Human Regenerative Technologies, and will be delivered to our processing facility. No extra steps are required from the mother or the delivery team, so you can focus on enjoying your newborn baby, and knowing that you've contributed to the recovery of many future patients.